The Orient

"The Orient" is a cozy classical ship build around 1925. This kind of boats is called "Salonboot" in Dutch and are (now-a-days) seen everywhere in the Netherlands.

After her launch in Amsterdam, "The Orient" served as a passenger boat in that city. It got it's current appearance in 1935. She is the perfect ship for a cozy drink, a tour with family and/or friends or an absolute unique marriage proposal.

This Classic ship is also perfect for business meetings. "The Oriƫnt" has heating and it will come with a captain who can tell you everything about the city. If you wish we can offer you catering on board.



Passengers: 2/10

Price (including VAT / Tax):

1,5 hours (start and end in The Hague) : 250 euro
1,5 hours (start in The Hague, end in Voorburg or Delft) : 350 euro
3 hours (start in The Hague, end in Rotterdam (*) : 600 euro
4 hours (start in The Hague, end in Leiden (*) : 750 euro
7 hours (start in The Hague, end in Amsterdam (*) : 1200 euro

(*) possible, of course, and the experience of a lifetime. But expensive as the boat has to go back empty.

During tours that last longer than 1.5 hours, we make small stops along the way at local restaurants.