Group tour

Private tour

Explore The Hague from the water and you will be treated to an entirely different view. See the historic fa├žades, sculpted tableaux and bridges ( some of which are almost 200 years old.)

You can choose between a round-trip in the city with a canal cruise or set out on an exploratory expedition towards the beach. After June it should be possible to combine your boattour with a visit of a Museum, Madurodam (Miniature City) again.

Since May 2021 you can combine it with a nice restaurant (terras is open)

Mail us for more information (

We have to be careful with the Corona Dissease, therefor we will ask you some questions about your health before the tour (by mail).

Until the end of May 2021 only tours with 2 families (or 2 "groups" living together) with max 2 adults per family/group.

Prices below :

Tour details, 1 boat

Persons 1,5 hour For each extra half hour
1 till 6 €75 €30
7 till 12 €150 €65

Tour details, 2 boats

Persons 1,5 hour For each extra half hour
13 till 18 €255 €125
19 till 24 €345 €170