Group tour

Private tour

Explore The Hague from the water and you will be treated to an entirely different view. See the historic fa├žades, sculpted tableaux and bridges ( some of which are almost 200 years old.) You can choose between a round-trip in the city with a canal cruise or set out on an exploratory expedition towards the beach. It is also possible to combine your boattour with a visit of a Museum, Madurodam (Miniature City) or a Cafe/Restaurant. Mail us for more information (

We have to be careful with the Corona Dissease, therefor we will ask you some questions about your health and such before the tour by mail.

Tour details

Persons 1 hour For each extra half hour
2 till 6 €70 €30
7 till 12 €140 €60
13 till 18 €200 €85
19 till 24 €250 €100
More than 24 Send us a mail